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As energy prices continue to rise, so does your power bill.
You can reverse this situation, with a solar grid system that allows you to produce clean energy right from your rooftop, protecting yourself against rising electricity costs, while making a very concrete, positive contribution to the environment now and for the future generations.
Solar power is a clean, green and silent renewable energy that will reduce your home’s greenhouse emissions as well as having the potential to significantly reduce your power bill. After the initial cost of your system, all the power you generate is FREE, so you keep on saving with every bill you receive.

A solar system will also add immediate capital value to your property, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Wise Energy Solutions is your one-stop shop for solar power, offering a range of green power solutions for domestic or commercial grid-connected electrical systems.

We can custom design, supply and install a complete photovoltaic (solar) system to suit your individual needs, including solar panels.

Our experienced team will discuss your current electricity usage, review your home’s orientation, answer all your questions about what solar rebate schemes and credit offers are available, and explain the types of savings you can expect to make from a range of systems.

For a full, clear picture on how solar power can work for you, talk to Wise – the wiser solar solution!

➢ Solar panels
➢ Grid-connected PV systems
➢ Complete system installation

Wise Electrical Services are accredited solar panel installers and use only high quality solar products.

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